Who we are:

African Persuasion is a black owned and managed, lifestyle mobile day spa. We are inspired by everything fashion and beauty. 

The African Persuasion team consists of qualified and skilled therapists who are trained in the art of beauty and healing therapy. 

We come with everything that your booking requires such as; gowns, towls, massage beds, music and a therapist, all in the comfort of your own home or desired location. 

Our friendly personnel creates an amazing atmosphere on any occasion, complimenting an unbelievable experience.

What we do:

We offer a variety of spa treatments:

  • Massages
  • Nail Treatments
  • Professional Make-Up
  • Bridal Make-Up
  • Image and Styling Services
  • APLS Lifestyle sessions (Pamper Sessions)

African Persuasion will help you make changes to your image and clothing that will reflect the professional or personal identity you want to exude.

African persuasion are resellers of the proudly South African Alila professional makeup range and also have waistrainers available on request.

Our vision:

To provide a royal treatment of the highest quality whilst being professional in our delivery. We are a dedicated and pride oriented multi product fashion and beauty and services brand that is dynamic and resilient with a strong progressive nature.